About Us

Our Vision

To be a foremost training institute for gaining knowledge and developing skills relevant to the education and development sectors

Our Mission

Providing technology-driven skills and technical trainings to education and development sector actors through a blend of academic and practitioner insight

Who We are

TEP Learning Academy (TEPLA) is a training institute with a rich team of subject matter experts who make up its faculty. TEPLA leverages the experience and skills of its facilitators to design, develop and deliver well researched course content that gives our participants the relevant knowledge and exposure to the subject area. 

Our expert faculty of facilitators do not merely train, but also share their unique insights and perspectives gained from years of practice in the development sector working on projects spanning education, health, research, media and communications, technology and gender focused programming. This combination of academic and practitioner perspectives offers participants a well-rounded learning experience.


We offer our trainings online, onsite or blended.

For our onsite trainings, we offer:

Open Enrolment Workshops: The Academy calls for enrolment in pre-defined courses with dates and duration based on its annual training calendar.

Bespoke Workshops: The Academy receives requests for tailored training, designed and delivered with specification to the clients’ need as ascertained by needs assessments.

Our training programmes provide our clients with the right skills, tools, strategies, knowledge and resources needed to improve their productivity and the work they do.

Our curriculum covers course such as: Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning for Education Programme Implementers (Level I &II), Scenario Planning and Flexibility Course, Accelerated Learning Programme, Research & Data Collection Course – Beginner Level

What Differentiates TEPLA
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Training support and handholding for assignments and tasks
  • Engaging and participatory learning methods
Who we have worked with